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    UAG 3.4 HA vs Load Balancing and Number of Horizon Connection Servers

    paulc1 Novice

      So UAG 3.4 is supposed to allow us to no longer use a load balancer with its built in HA. I currently have my UAG's setup on an internal network with a Netscaler sending the traffic through the firewall. Isn't this a more secure option than having two appliances externally accessible?


      I have no control of the netscaler or firewall (different departments) so I'm just wondering if its worth the hassle of getting it all reconfigured.


      Also a secondary question. If we aren't using tunneling is there any reason to have 4 connection servers? I think that was recommended when we first started using Horizon 7.0, but the connections are all being handled by the UAG's it doesn't seem like there's much point in having more than 2 connection servers.


      We don't really have a way of doing a split DNS setup for internal/external. Something else I have no control of. It would be nice for internal connections to go directly to the connection servers, but as it is they just hit the external VIP like external traffic. Not ideal, but my hands are tied there.