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    File Type Associations and Windows 10 1809 with UEM

    RandomGuy25335 Lurker



      Has anyone been able to successfully capture user-defined FTA's and set them upon new logon using UEM within build 1809? I am trying to implement effectively and have been unable to do so.


      Steps I have tried:


      1) Attempted DISM Export/Import with UEM logout/logon task, however it requires the currently logged in user to have admin privileges, which we don't allow.


      2) I have attempted version 1.7.1 of SetUserFTA and it gets the associations perfectly upon logout. It's dynamic and works great using cmd.exe /c ""\\server\folder\SetUserFTA-1.7.1.exe" get  > "\\server\folder\%username%\archives\Applications\UserFTA.txt"".


      3) When attempting to import the FTAs using a logon task with:

      Command: cmd.exe /c \\server\folder\SetFTA.bat (bat contents below)

      Run task: After profile archive import

      Run asynchronously checked


      Bat file:

      timeout /T 15 /NOBREAK


      "\\VACP1MMPER01VMV\ISO\GetDefaultApp\SetUserFTA-1.7.1.exe" "\\VACP1MMPER01VMV\UEMprofiles\%username%\archives\Applications\UserFTA.txt"


      This throws an error saying: error: could not open C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\UserFTA.config


      I figured the error was a timing issue for when the command is ran so I tried that "timeout" in the bat file, along with turning asynchronously turned off and UEM timeout set to 30 seconds, but nothing is allowing it to function properly.


      If I run the batch file standalone, it works perfectly fine. It is only when called within UEM upon logon.


      Thanks for the help.