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    Adobe Acrobat DC (2015) App Volume

    moylanw Lurker

      I am trying to create an AppVolume for Adobe Acrobat DC 2015. As of right now im essentially just  running the setup.exe and manually putting in the license during the provision. It seems that it works for a few days and then Adobe just kicks out errors stating the application needs to be repaired eventually. I am looking for some guidance getting this application into an app volume

      I would like to thee provisioned AppVolume to:

      • Disable or bypass the "end user agreement"
      • Disable or bypass the "sign in"
      • provide the license key in the provision so the customers don't have to do it when they launch the app the first time


      The end users are saying each time they launch Adobe they are required to accept the agreement, skip the sign in, and wait for Adobe Acrobat to close\reopen usually twice before it can be used.

      Any help would be great!

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          Ray_handels Master
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          We had version 2018 CC in both user name and education campus license and both have had some issues. Bottom line, Adobe software s*cks bigtime...


          With regards to the sign in option, we were never able to bypass the login option, not even with a writable volume, let alone using UEM to capture the settings needed to be captured. The Writables just captures all and everything and even that didn't work. My guess is that Adobe not only looks at the sign in but creates a hash based on the computer name. With VDI you always get a new computer nae thus failing to comply to licensing of Adobe.


          We thought it would be much better with a campus license which we can use for all computers but this still gives issues with our writable. It seems as if Adobe creates a license which it checks every time. We found out that if we exclude C:\ProgramData\regid.1986-12.com.adobe it does seem to work.. And yes, we are fully licensing compliant as we bought a license for everyone.


          I have no idea why anyone even considers using their products as they are that arrogant to never ever listen top any customer.. But apparently users like their products..

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            VDINinja311 Enthusiast



            We successfully packaged Adobe Acrobat DC (2015 Classic Track) that was serialized with AppVolumes. Licensing — DC Deployment Planning and Configuration  This page can help you with how to register/license it after the install. You most likely will want to use the APTEE tool after the install when doing the provisioning. This is for a serialized license.


            This link is also very useful: VMware Horizon Deployments — Acrobat Virtualization Guide

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              Also the Adobe Customization Wizard is very useful to disable any unwanted features or settings for all users on the install. Welcome to the Wizard — Acrobat Customization Wizard DC for Windows

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                moylanw Lurker

                unfortunately i'm not very skilled in this area and i have not had any luck yet.

                I was able to use the customization wizard for Adobe, i input the license and made a few minor adjustment in the wizard.

                I also ran a prtk tool that should suppress the registration of the Adobe ID after as well.

                These items have not resolve my problem.

                The appvolume once provisioned and assigned does not work as expected.

                I have users get a Pop up to Start Trial or input license key.

                I am also still getting the Sign In to adobe account, but now it is happening after i close Adobe, instead of when i open it

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                  Ray_handels Master
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                  I'm not quite sure if you can use that packaging tool if you are using named licenses as those are not enterprise ones.

                  We simply installed the application using the infamous next next finish method for the named licenses and the only downside is that the user needs to type in username and password every time they start up the application but at least it is licensed.


                  With the new campus license we did use the packager and this indeed worked quite well.