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    Place holder create error SRM 8.1.1

    kaylingovenderpsira Lurker

      Good day,


      I have installed vsphere replication 8.1.1 with SRM 8.1.1 and after pairing the two sites and completing replication of indivdual VMs using vsphere replication when i try to add the VMs to a protection group I get the following error " Placeholder Create Error: Unable to find a placeholder datastore for the host/cluster DR Cluster. Any placeholder datastores registered with the SRM server that were deleted and recreated in the vCenter Server will need to be removed and re-added as a new placeholder datastore with the SRM server as well." this is after completing the mappings. I have done the following troubleshooting :


      1. removed the placeholder datastores and re added them

      2. restarted the vcenter servers at both sites, removed the VM protection and re added the VMs and restarted SRM services

      3. restored all placeholder VMs and restarted SRM services

      4. recreated the placholder restarted SRM services


      But i am still faced with the same error. Any assistance with be helpful. Both SRM and vsphere replication are running on vCenter 6.7