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    VMware cannot start virtual machine - Windows Defender Credential Guard problem not solved

    mksft Novice



      After Windows upgrade from 1803 to 1809 at starting virtual machine VMware reports error that is not compatible with Windows Defender Credential Guard.

      I followed all steps in tutorial, disabled it, removed Hyper-V and all its components, selected at computer startup to avoid any startup processes.

      Then I tried to disable Core Isolation - there was problem when it was disabled and tried to enable, then disable - computer is not compatible with Core Isolation and Memory Integrity so stays disabled.

      But - Windows Defender reports that virtualization security is running and I have no way to stop it.

      What a process I must to terminate or disable at computer startup?

      Or, how to disable it when at enabling/disabling it fails with message - hardware is not supported?

      Really I'm crazy - I have access only to virtual disks, no virtual machines.


      Thank you for each help, suggestion and support.