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    Which centOS to choose

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      I am new to centOS as well as to Linux.  Sorry if I am not very clear in conveying my point.  I was planning to prepare a CentOS VM in my laptop (using VMware Player) so that I can try out Oracle DB on it.

      I see there are two type of OS -




      I thought of trying *Minimal*.iso and installed it.  But I observe that there is no IP defined, no host name and very limited functionality as name suggest.  Now, I am planning to install *DVD*.iso

      Before I continue, I wanted to know if that has all needed stuff available which helps me to go ahead and install Oracle (Oracle XE 11g) on it ?  Please help.




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          This is a VMware forum and we are here to discuss VMware related questions. Which Linux distribution you should install or which CentOS installation medium is the right one has nothing to do with VMware or the VMware Player.


          So I think your question is better answered in a Linux or CentOS forum. For example here:

          CentOS - Index page