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    Unable to create Office 2016 AppStack on W10 LTSC 2019

    SummaCollege Enthusiast

      Running the following config:

      • Horizon 7.7.0
      • AppVolumes 2.15
      • Windows 10 LTSC 2019
      • UEM 9.6.0


      Created a base image with Horizon, AppVolumes and UEM agents. Created a clone for Appstack Provisioning and uninstalled the Horizon agent.

      When i then put this machine in provisioning mode and try to install Office 2016 it won't let me and stop with the following error (translated from dutch): "Setup: the system is unable to open the requested system or file".


      Installing a different software package as AppStack like VLC player is working fine.

      When not putting the machine in Provisioning mode, Office is installed without problems! So whats happening here.....??

      Anyone have any ideas?