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    SRIOV computes with NSX-T compute cluster

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      Author : Daniel Clow

      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Integrated-OpenStack/5.1/com.vmware.openstack.admin.doc/GUID-F9EBBEEE-F3E8-454C-8223-0329D1EB576C.html

      Topic Name : Configure Passthrough for Networking Devices

      Publication Name : VMware Integrated OpenStack Administration Guide

      Product/Version : VMware Integrated OpenStack/5.1

      Question :

      Is it possible to add SRIOV cluster compute nodes to a VIO deployment where compute01 is already enabled with NVD(S) and NVD(E) ?  We tried enabling SRIOV on separate cluster as per the documented steps,but facing issue while creating VLAN network with dvs. The neutron.log shows "TransportZone/dvs could not be found"