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    Slow transfer rate between datastores (copy or move)

    breacH Lurker



      I just did a fresh install of ESXI 6.7 on my home lab server. (i7 2600 on intel motherboard)
      The VMs are running fine, all stored on SSD.


      I wanted to make a backup of the VMs from the SSD on a WD 1TB drive and the transfer is extremely slow.
      For example, a Windows 10 VM thin provisioned that use actually about 30 GB took more than 2 hours.
      I did the copy with the datastore management.


      Is that any normal?


      I remember on ESXI 5.5 the transfer was way more quicker.



      Exact setup is:
      - intel i7 2600
      - motherboard intel DZ77GA-70K

      - Samsung 860 EVO SSD and WD Blue 1To (both VMFS 6)
      - Both drives connected to the same sata controller (intel one)



      Thanks a lot for the help, and have a nice day!