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      • 90. Re: VMware workstation 14 Pro loses Mouse Focus
        bonnie201110141 Expert
        VMware Employees

        Did you upgrade your windows 10 host to the latest patch? The VMware fix does not go to Workstation 14. But latest update in Windows 10 should fix the issue as well.

        • 91. Re: VMware workstation 14 Pro loses Mouse Focus
          Adrscuds Lurker

          Yup, host has all the latest updates.


          It started working again after a few reboots. I just can't figure out what is it that I did that solved the issue.

          It was working just fine, up until early this afternoon.

          Took my laptop with me to college. Did some work on my windows 2016 server. Also on my windows 10 workstation.

          Both VMs running at the same time, just fine. (they are running off of a external, btw)

          Got home, plugged everything back to it's place. Power cord, external drive and headset. The only thing that I didn't have with me this morning, in college, was my secondary display.

          First boot of the VMs, mouse isn't working again.


          Maybe it has something to do with the dual monitor situation?

          Laptop is running 4k, secondary display 1280x1024 (older HP lcd, connected via VGA-HDMI adapter).


          Tried unpluging the monitor, still no mouse inputs.


          This is driving me insane, not knowing what is it that causes the mouse to just stop working.


          EDIT: just to add to this.


          Mouse is working fine after doing the following.


          Changed my main display scalling from 200% to 175%. Restarted laptop

          Still wasn't working.

          Changed main display scalling again, back to 200% (from 175%). Restarted

          Mouse working just fine.


          Beats me. I have no idea as to why the screen scalling would make VM not take mouse inputs

          • 92. Re: VMware workstation 14 Pro loses Mouse Focus
            TimothyHuckabay Novice

            I have a problem where the mouse pointer simply disappears inside my guest VM.  I find that I have to do <Ctrl><Alt><Insert> to get it back.  Both my host and guest OSes are Windows 10 Pro (1809), and I am on Workstation 14.1.7, though this has been happening with 14.1.3 and 14.1.6 as well.

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