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        IvarHome Enthusiast

        It depends what is "enterprise". In my country enterprises or companies hardware is not at alla as you may imagine. Its old hardware, desktop computers, no any cluster at all, free software, no any vmware product. I imagine, also lots of public IT services, example mails, VPS, web, cloud etc, they declare all is in clusters. The fact is actually they are not. So, I think in my country my home hardware is better than enterprises. But Im not actually millonaire. I heared, some guys from usa have in home whole rack hi-tech and all 10Gbit. And its just for fun. They can invest money many times more than companies in my country. I have also invested more than enterprises in my country. So, it all depends. Some hollywood star can also invest more money to home hi-tech. Altough they usually dont have tehnical interest, but I dont know all people in world. So, when some software brand classifies who live in home and who work in company, this is big mistake and dont reflect at all how much money can be invested. And I dont make money. Its just fun. Altough, when I think twice, its also good stuff and it help me to do lots of things from technologi point of view. And also one point - almost all people dont care at all what tecnologi they have at work, they care only what they have in home (husband, childrens, TV, hi-tech, better computer, faster network, some nice automation etc). Thats why enterprises dont care to buy hi-tech. 

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          sjesse Master

          In my opinion you in the wrong place if you don't want to try and meet the requirements, the software it tested for for a certain set of requirements, and the people that contribute here generally support the environments that have those requirements. In my opinion and it seems others of the same, its better to save up, get real experience with supported or close to supported equipment instead of modifying the software to get it to work. Its not about money or not, its about the software working as designed more than anything else.I'm in the progress of doing that now since I've outgrown my lab and seen the concessions and workarounds that are needed in some cases. There are dedicated sites to home lab that may have better suggestions that I'd investigate.

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            IvarHome Enthusiast

            Thats good point, only they dont work also as "designed to work". And nobody dont know the reason. Its called buggy software. Example RecoverPoint. 

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              comr Novice

              I'm considering using FT too, because vcenter HA need 3 esxi nodes, one for active, one for passive and one for witness, if you put 2 of them in the same node and this node fails you lose vcenter. I don't have 3 nodes, only 2.

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                ChrisFD2 Enthusiast
                VMware EmployeesvExpert

                vCenter HA takes too long to failover to the other node in my experience, vSphere HA will reboot the VM in the event of a host failure and that usually comes up quicker. Just ensure you have a backup of the VM using something like Veeam Community Edition. For a homelabe, vCenter HA and FT are a little overkill unless you want to lab it out of course, in which case a nested lab may work better or look at the Hands on Labs.

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