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    Can vSGA work in ESXI same way as in VMWare Player.

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      I just tested vSGA in my VMWare player. Most of people says it is just software virtualization and it uses only CPU, but in my case it is actually not, task manager on host shows, that GPU takes a big involvement in computation, which is nice, Dx11 apps runs smooth enough for me.


      What I want - is to skip Windows host and move to ESXI.

      So the question is, will ESXI use my GPU (gtx 1060) for vSGA too? Do i need to install drivers or something? Or is it possible only on Windows host under VMWare Player/Workstation?

      Don't need vGPU or passthrough, I'm fine with software virtualisation, I just want my GPU to be involved like it works in Player.



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          No, Direct X dont work there at all. Only with special expensive Nvidia cards. In ESXi the only choice is video/soundcard/usb card (for maouse-keyboard) passthrough. Only AMD gpu works, Nvidia side works only cards supported officially (extreme expensive cards). SLI probabli dont work, but not sure. Snapshots and suspend is not possible VM onfline. Only offline. Can be used phone app to connect vCenter, line "Watchlist" or "vmwPAD". Performance dont degrade and all works as usual. I have my desktop put up in this way.