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    Published App File Share

    NYTECJ Novice

      I've been successful in publishing our file server.  Logging into Horizon View, I can open and access the file share.  However I'm not able to open the files to work on the files using my local PC's application.  Take the screen shot showing a PDF document.  The icon is blank and upon double clicking I get the Windows can't open this type of file.Annotation 2019-02-08 130115.jpg

      Installing Adobe Reader and I can open the PDFs no problem.  Is there a way to have the files open using applications locally installed on the clients PC?  This would save on licensing since users already have their licensed applications (Office/AdobePro/etc) installed on their local systems.

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          techguy129 Expert

          If you want to allow users to access files you need another product. That is not a feature of Horizon. You need to have the application (PDF viewer) installed on the RDSH server. You can have the user copy it to a thumbdrive then open it locally but that is a workaround.