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    NetApp ONTAP VM Lab environment

    seurat_atreides Lurker

      Hi *,


      I am in the process of setting up a VM-Lab for IT-OPs training purposes.

      The idea is to have a portable platform comprised of an x86_64 server + vSphere 6.7 to run all required VMs

      that will allow me to simulate a clustered NetApp ONTAP cluster with the required vNETs, client OSs and a vRouter.

      The hardware used has the following specifications:

      • Shuttle DH270 bare-bone
      • Intel Core i7-7700, 4 x 3.6GHz
      • 1 TB HDD, 2.5" SATA
      • WLAN/Bluetooth kit for Shuttle bare-bones
      • Samsung EVO 256 GB NVMe SDD, M.2 PCIe
      • 32 GB SO DDR4 RAM


      While searching for a vRouter application I started by trying out vyOS 1.2 only to find out that it doesn't support

      the RTL8821 chip powering the Shuttle WLAN/Bluetooth kit.

      I then proceeded to try out ZeroShell and behold, it supports the WLAN chip via vSphere PCI-passthrough.

      ZeroShell has a very easy to use WebGUI that has allowed me to set up all required VLANs and trunk these

      to the vSwitch where all other VMs will be connected to.

      I'm still experimenting with the NAT setup in ZeroShell that will provide access to Internet.