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    Windows 10 - Persona Management not writing back changes

    JWillsDNPA Lurker

      Ok, we are having an issue with persona management and windows 10. I've tried multiple versions of Windows 10 build and agent, but after a while persona management stops writing back changes and GPO's stop applying on logon.


      Currently on 1809 and agent 7.7 - today I've just dropped back to agent 7.4 again in hopes of some kind of resolution. Still not working.


      I really don't want to go back again to an early unsecure version of windows 10 like the 1600/1700 series.


      I know VMware are pushing UEM but here, its a cost issue so persona management is the only option (other than windows roaming profiles - which again seems like a step backwards). I can see from much googling that this is a big issue and VMWare are doing zero to support the issue..


      Has anyone successfully found away around persona managements poor integration with windows 10?


      FYI - about 7 days ago it was all working fine on build 1809 and agent 7.7