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    Upgrading from UEM 9.3 to 9.6

    harrymsg Novice

      Are there any backward compatibility issues with upgrading UEM to 9.6 and still having 9.3 on the linked clones temporarily until a scheduled golden image refresh?

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          harrymsg Novice

          Followup:  Am I understanding correctly from the documentation that I need to upgrade the master image/linked clones to UEM 9.6 first, and then the console/share?

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            VDINinja311 Enthusiast



            Correct, update the agents first, then the console, then the ADMX templates and in that order. See Upgrade User Environment Manager .


            Don't forget about your UEM Application Profiler version on your Capture and Build machine.

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              VDINinja311 Enthusiast

              Always a good resource: VMware Product Interoperability Matrices


              Just as an FYI we in the last few months upgraded from 9.2 directly to 9.5 and had no issues.

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                DEMdev Master
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                Hi harrymsg,


                We strive to maintain backward compatibility across all UEM releases. Apart from very occasionally deprecating and (a few releases later) removing some minor functionality (which is always called out in the release notes), I'm not aware of any changes that affect backward compatibility.


                As VDINinja311 stated, it's very important that you first upgrade the agent. It's fine to continue to use an "old" Management Console and "old" config files, as the agent will process that config perfectly fine. Switching to a newer Management Console ahead of an agent upgrade might result in config files referencing new functionality that the agent does not support yet, though.

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                  DJKebab7 Lurker

                  The backwards compatibility is really quite impressive, I've just been working with a client running Immidio Flex Profiles 7 (which was before even Flex+), and I was able to do an in-place upgrade of the VMware UEM agent over the top of the old Immidio agent, and it was able to read the existing Flex 7 policies and profiles without issue (using the existing group policies). The UEM management console was also able to connect and read the old Flex 7 config.


                  Some of the config entries (those built previously from built-in templates by the looks of it) asked to be "upgraded", this was the only point that things stopped working (I did this in test of course!), as once upgraded the old Immidio agents couldn't seem to read them. To be expected. But as long as you get all agents upgraded first, then the upgrade is very seamless, even from extremely old versions prior to the VMware acquisition.

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                    DEMdev Master
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                    Hi DJKebab7,


                    Wow, Flex Profiles 7! That's been a while...


                    Happy to hear that everything worked fine. And, indeed, the old-agent-can't-deal-with-new-settings behavior is as expected. In many cases we happen to be forward compatible as well, even though we do not make any guarantees about that. However, between Immidio Flex Profiles 7.x and VMware UEM 9.x a tiny bit too much has changed for that to work :-)