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    Migrate Exchange 2013 server VM's from traditional host/SAN infrastructure to Nutanix HCI

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                I'm gearing up to start migrating some of our more critical systems from a traditional host/SAN configuration (Dell rack mount servers going through FC into NetApp storage) over to our Nutanix HyperConverged infrastructure.  I've already migrated quite a few VM's from the old infrastructure over to the Nutanix and everything is working fine.  In case you're wondering how I've been migrating these workloads from the old infrastructure to the new, well, it's quite simple really, we dropped an FC HBA into one of the Nutanix nodes and tied it into the same NetApp fabric as the old infrastructure and I've been using vMotion/Storage vMotion to migrate the VM's and their storage over to the Nutanix cluster.


      Up next I need to migrate our 4 server Exchange environment which is configured in a DAG.  I guess my question comes down to this:  Is it safe to migrate these Exchange servers with vMotion going in between different Compute/Storage infrastructure or is there some other way I should be approaching this?


      My thoughts are that I could disable the databases on Server1, put it into maintenance mode, vmotion it over, once it's complete, bring it out of maintenance mode and then bring the databases back online, then do the same with the remaining 3 servers.  By doing that I figure I could lessen any chances of data corruption during the storage vMotion, I've even considered the idea of doing what I just mentioned and even shutting down the VM before the vMotion.


      Has anyone been in a similar situation?   Any advice or thoughts?


      Thanks in advance!