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    Cannot SCP certificate files to VCSA

    aj800 Novice

      I tried to upload a certificate set to our VCSA using the GUI and root account (Administrator).  I didn't realize that I had to combine the root and intermediate files into one, so after uploading, resetting and following a guide I found, then rebooting the VCSA, the browser would not connect and showed the following error in Chrome: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID


      So, I tried to reset everything in the CLI but got errors doing that, now I'm trying to copy the appended cert file to the VCSA but when I follow the instructions to do that (changing the shell access to allow SCP), whenever I try to SCP the file, I get "Unknown command 'scp'" after it prompts me with the login and password.  I did the following:


      On the VCSA appliance:


      Command> shell.set --enable True

      Unknown command: `shell.set'

      Command> shell.set --enable true

      Unknown command: `shell.set'

      Command> shell

      Shell access is granted to root

      root@myvcsa [ ~ ]# chsh -s /bin/bash root

      You are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)

      chsh: PAM: Authentication token is no longer valid; new one required

      root@myvcsa [ ~ ]# exit


      Command> exit

      Connection to myvcsa.my.network.com closed.


      Trying to SCP the fiile from another Linux host:


      $ scp /Documents/VMware/Certificates//Certificate_And_Intermediate_Combined.crt root@myvcsa.my.network.com:/var/tmp/cert-temp

      root@myvcsa.my.network.com's password:

      Unknown command: `scp'


      Yesterday when I tried this, at least the first part didn't throw back an error (shell.set --enable True), but even then it still gave me the same error.


      I need to update these certs ASAP.  ANy help would be appreciated.  Thanks.



      EDIT:  I was able to SCP the files to the VCSA using the VCSA appliance shell from the host I was trying to copy from originally.  Not sure why I could not copy to the VCSA from the host.