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    Mac OS Serial Number Change

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      How do I change the serial number for mac OS X El Capitan using VMWare Workstation 15. I am trying to get imessages to work, but  when I try to login to my apple ID, it says that an error has occured? I am guessing that it should work after changing the serial number. Thank you!

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          Welcome at the VMware communities forum.


          Unfortunately Apple does not allow you to run a virtual macOS or OS X on non-Apple branded hardware.

          Since this violates Apple's EULA (and as such the VMware Community Terms of Use), any issues you have with trying to run macOS or OS X using VMware Workstation or VMware Workstation Player cannot be discussed at this forum.


          You'll need to have apple hardware and use a product like VMware Fusion or VMware ESXi and run a virtual copy of macOS / OS X on that in order for us to be able to help you.


          Hope you understand,



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