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    new sytand-alone vCenter Server DNS requirement ?

    TryllZ Enthusiast


      I wanted to know, if I am setting up a host-only vCSA server then during configuration of vCSA what DNS do I need to add ? I have checked VM Workstation it does NOT have any DNS entry ?

      I have tried it on NAT which has a DNS but the vCSA still cannot be accessed via the web UI, I found out this is a DNS issue by running via SSH command service-control --start vxpd. As obvious I can ping the device and access it via SSH.

      I have read that it can be done using a Windows Server with AD DNS setup, as of now I have tried a server with DNS without AD, I'm testing one with AD as well, but here is my understanding, chrome of my laptop does not communicate with vCenter via the web UI, and I have opened the .ova file in VMWare Workstation, plus I have come to know there are 2 methods to install, either the installer (GUI or CLI) or installit on ESXi, my question is how to set up the vCenter Server from the .ova file. I have opened the file directly in workstation and doing it, am I following the correct method ? (I haven't read it anywhere if this is possible.

      Thank you