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    App Volumes Upgrade for to 2.15

    ChrisLymanRFP Novice

      Hello All,


           I'm needing to do an upgrade of App Volumes.  The upgrade of the server, the agents in the golden images, and the volume templates seem rather straightforward, but my question surrounds any necessary updates to the app volumes that we've already captured.  When I do the upgrade do I also need to perform some sort of update process on the existing app volumes?


           It's really difficult to figure this out from the information I'm finding in the interweb.  The closest I've come is a reference to copying files from a new version of the app template over to each of the existing app volume vmdk.


           What I'd really like to avoid is having to recapture all of the apps after, or worse, during the upgrade process.


      Thanks for any input you have...