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    vSAN 6.6 - Online check of vSAN health fails with the general vSAN error.

    roman79 Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      I have experience an interesting behaviour with vSAN 6.6 Online Health check.


      VCSA gets access to the Internet through the proxy server. Proxy settings were setup and tested in the vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface. CEIP was enabled as well.




      Now, when I press the 'Retest with Online health' button in Monitor > vSAN > Health menu, after few minutes the task fails with the following error message: "Failed to perform online check of vSAN health, because: Cannot collect or send data to VMware PhoneHome service."




      What is more interesting, in the vSAN Health report it shows Online health check as 'Disabled'.


      Check state.png


      Any ideas of what can cause this to happen?