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      Hello Everyone,

      I  have an nsx-t setup as a multi-tiered environment with a tier-1  and tier-0 LR providing routing functionality to networks external to the nsx-t domain.

      So here is a brief summary of the challenges:

      I)i noticed  that when i attach a dhcp server to a logical switch, it leases an ip for exactly 1 second and then ends the lease period even though it is set to the default 860000s value. I was able to see this behavior via the "get dhcp lease all" command in the nsx-t edge


      2) It was stated that static route is auomatically configured between the tier-1 and tier-0 LR. However, i noticed that although the routes are advertised to the external router via bgp from the tier-0, overlay vm traffic cannot ping the external even though the parameters are properly configured in the corresponding tier-1 (default gateway of the vms´ etc). When I manualy set static route from  the tier 1 router pointing to the attached router link port ip on the tier-0 as the next hop to the external network, it still couldn`t ping the external ip.However, rather starngely, when i set the next hop as the vm`s gateway, all of a sudden, reachability was achieved to the external network. i found this really strange. Is there an explanation to this kind of behaviour?


      3) Latstly, although reachability from the vm to tge external was achieved as earlier mentioned, sam e could no be achieved in the opposite direction even though i tried several next hops. I also noticed i was able to ping the vm`s gateway from the distributed tier-1 router but couldn`t ping the vm`s ip. Please is there a way to achieve reachability in the opposite direction? I will greatly appreciate suggestions as this is quite urgent.  Thanks a lot.