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    Anyone know why VCSA would give me NaN at appliance monitoring GUI and blank graphs elsewhere?

    Boyan Enthusiast

      Hi everyone,


      I noticed that VCSA appliance management GUI (port 5480) would show blank graphs for CPU, RAM and Network. Digging deeper I found an anomaly other than blank graphs. The disk monitor status shows NaN for all disks?


      Anyone have any suggestions? Other than this VCSA works with no identifiable defects. This is a brand new install straight from the executable installer. No upgrades, no prior versions. The health status is green on all categories and the VM's usage as seen from ESXi is minimal.


      Here's the details on this installation:

      Type: vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller

      Product: VMware vCenter Server Appliance

      Version: Build number 9451876


      Thank you