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    vSAN health test fails on Performance Service - how to fix when you have a cluster with 33 host

    rxjoseph Novice


      I get the below error often and when it happens use the following to fix the issue

      The causes for this error is unknown but there are two fixes available to this issue,

      1)  Restarting the vsanmgmtd and vsanvpd service on all the ESXi hosts in the vSAN Cluster.  There is no impact of restarting these two services on the ESXi,

      /etc/init.d/vsanmgmtd  restart

      /etc/init.d/vsanvpd restart


      With the above steps I can fix the issue but I have to login to 33 host manually and run the commands which takes a long time, when this happens like every month it's lot of work

      There is no way to script this


      Does anyone has an easy method to fix the issue by using RVC console or Powercli script ? can you share the knowledge please



      Many thanks