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    Stress - Analysys window for interactive/batch workloads

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      I am on a path of understanding really well vRealize Operations so I can make better use of the solution. In my studies I realized that the Stress badge is really important as it is used to calculate capacity/time remaining and all of those recommendations for oversized/undersized virtual machines.


      So, out-of-the-box, the stress is calculated by looking for the worst hour in a 30 day window. So the analysys windows is one hour. If we change this window to a bigger size, we get a more normalized average (and maybe a lower score badge).


      What I'm having trouble understanding is why an interactive workload (so, pretty constant but it may have spikes if there is too much requests) would require a one hour analysys windows and a batck workload would require a bigger window, let's say, 240 minutes windows.


      Can someone explain to me the relation between type of workload and the size of analysys window?