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    sihost.exe error when using domain account

    J.D. Lurker

      So I am having a problem with app volumes. I have tried many different things, and have narrowed down the problem to logging in with a domain account vs a local account.

      Currently I have a provisioning machine that is Win10 that has been optimized with the Optimization tool with the Win10 template and the AppVol template. AppStacks create fine, and attach to VMs without an issue.

      The issue comes when I go to login to the Win10 VM that attaches to the AppStack. This Win10 VM also has been optimized with the tool. I have tried with an without optimization as well.

      If I attach the AppStack to the VM, once I enter my login credentials, I get to the preparing windows stage, then get an sihost.exe error. If i detach the AppStacks and reboot, I can log in fine. Also I can login with a local account and the apps in the AppStack get attached and work perfectly. Both the domain and local accounts are Admin accounts.


      The only thing I can think of is, we are using a secured Win10 Image, we are required to use this DoD Template. So it may be a group policy setting, I just don't know which it may be.


      Thank you in advance for any possible answers.