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    ESXi /VC network settings for SQL server VMS

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      We are having several SQL disconnections and would like to know if there is a ESXi network setting or a setting anywhere to modify to accept high load SQL


      It would be a network setting which wouldn’t affect SQL Server operation.


      If a piece of network equipment can’t handle network packets up to 9000 bytes then it will be fragmented, or rejected if set to do not fragment. I’d get that changed if the network equipment can’t be identified. Could it be a setting on the vSwitch in the ESXi hypervisor?


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          to benefit from Jumbo Frames (9000 MTU) You have to set it on the whole communication path from NIC driver of one endpoint through ethernet infrastructure (switch ports) to the NIC driver on the other endpoint. If MSSQL is a VM and You want to use Jumbo Frames, then MTU must be changed in Windows, vSwitch/dvSwitch Properties and then physical switch ports where Esxi host is connected.