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    Mojave Network Speed Problem with Fusion 11 Pro

    rlregehr Lurker



      I recently upgrade my entire network to 10gb ethernet.  The mac I run several windows 7 VMs with using Fusion 11 Pro is a Mac Pro 6.1 (2013) with 64gb of RAM and a thunderbolt 2 10gb ethernet adaptor.  I have a synology NAS on the network and use the shared folder for benchmarking with Blackmagic Disk Speed Test. 


      With Fusion 11 pro closed I am able to get sustained 500MB (that is MB) write speeds and 800MB read speeds across the network to the NAS. 


      As soon as I launch Fusion 11 Pro the write speeds drop to around 170MB.  Read speeds are unaffected.  Shut down Fusion 11 pro and write speeds are back to 500MB.


      Any idea what might be causing this slowdown in network performance?  I've determined Fusion 11 Pro is definitely the culprit.  I run 4 Windows 7 VMs that use "Share with my Mac" connections and one Windows 10 VM that is bridged to the Wifi Adapter.  All VMs use the vmxnet3 Ethernet Adaptor. Mojave is 10.14.2.


      Any help would greatly be appreciated.