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    Unable to SSH to host

    gww3 Lurker

      I was applying some STIGs to our hosts and ran into a problem the next day. When I try to SSH to the host I immediately get the following message "server unexpectedly closed network connection". I was modifying the advanced settings through vcenter but I was also modifying the passwd and sshd_config files through SSH. None of those I can find would cause this problem. I did the same changes to two different sites and I can still access the other site over SSH. I made sure the SSH service was on and that lockdown mode was disabled before trying the SSH connection. If it was a typo of some sort I am not sure what it could be. There are 3 servers at this one site and i cannot access any of them. I did not do a restart on the sshd_config or reboot the hosts so those changes should not have taken place yet.


      I can provide the list of changes made if needed but i was wondering if anyone had an idea about what would be preventing the ssh connections.