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    Cybersecurity and VMware - Is there such a job for both?

    chrm421 Lurker

      Hey everyone,


      I'm currently going back to school for a degree in Cybersecurity and lately I've been questioning myself if this is the right career path. I have never worked in an IT field position.


      The reason I say this is because with the few networking classes I've been taking and then discovering a video about how VMware is taking virtualization to a new level, I've fallen in love with networking and virtualization. To the point where I want to build a bare metal box and instal ESXi and start learning. Cybersecurity, though a very broad field, is still interesting to me as well. I'm so confused!


      Is there such a job where I can finish my Cybersecurity degree with some emphasis on networking and maybe obtain a VCA and maybe the VCP along the way?




      Change degree that is more IT related with emphasis on networking and virtualization?


      My gut tells my it's the latter and should change degrees. I've always read to focus on something more specific and having a cybersecurity degree and trying to get a VMware admin job somewhere is a strange combo unless there is value in a company to have that kind of degree with VMs.


      Thanks for any responses