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    Can't figure out uname/pwd parameters for Workflow.execute

    BenderTheGreatest Novice

      In vRealize Orchestrator 7.4, I have a case where I need to execute a workflow as another vRealize Orchestrator user in an automated fasion. According to the API Explorer, Workflow.execute supports three parameters: properties (Object), uname (Object), and pwd (string). I have the following code:


      var wf = Server.getWorkflowWithId( 'work-flow-identifier-uuid' );
      var wfParams = new Properties({ param1: 'value1' });
      var user = 'myUser@domain.com'; // have also attempted with the administrator@vsphere.local account
      var pass = 'myPassword';
      var token = wf.execute( wfParams, user, pass );


      However, this throws the following error:


      Cannot execute workflow : SSO server error


      What am I doing wrong? My suspicion is that it does not want a string for the uname parameter, but am unsure what else I can provide as an argument here. Or if there's a better way I can achieve running a workflow as a different user programatically, I'm all ears.