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    cookie SERVERID insert indirect nocache

    fauzibd75 Lurker

      Hi Guy, how to configure on NSX Loadbalance  as normal haproxy configuration.


      frontend rob *:83

          default_backend     rob_backend


      backend rob_backend

          balance     roundrobin

          cookie SERVERID insert indirect nocache

          server  app_rob01 check cookie app_rob01

          server  app_rob02 check cookie app_rob02

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          lhoffer Hot Shot
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          The frontend portion is pretty basic and assuming you're talking about NSX-V is referred to as a "virtual server" which you can find standard configuration details for in the Add Virtual Servers  section of the admin guide.  For the backend portion, it appears you're just trying to create session persistence based on a cookie set by the load balancer, so in NSX-V you'll actually configure that as part of the "Application Profile" as pictured below: