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      We have setup a mandatory profile for our View Desktops and I am curious to know how we can confirm the profile is indeed being used??  When I login to a view desktop, I look up C:\Users and see the mandatory.v2 folder however I also see a folder for the user logged into the desktop.


      How can I know for sure the mandatory profile is being used?


      Thank you.

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          If you have UEM you can look in the FlexProfile Log when you logon, the location depends on your configuration. I think its also in the logon monitor logs in C:\programdata\vmware\logon monitor\ folder. You can also go to the control panel to system> advanced system properties, and then click on the advanced tab. In there is user profiles and click on settings



          you will see all the profiles listed, and it should say mandatory if its being used. The last one I believe requires admin rights though to see correctly.

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            WMIC PATH win32_UserProfile WHERE LocalPath="c:\\users\\%username%" GET Status


            If the output of this command is 4 your profile is mandatory.