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    import vapp

    abouin Novice



      I have issues when importing an *.ovf file, on a NUC8i7HVK.

      I'm using this menu : "host > Create/Save a VM", then I follow wizard to deploy a new *.vf + *.vmdk machine.

      Download task goes fine, but "Import VApp" looks unresponsive (stuck at 100%) for a couple of hour, and then disapears.

      I updated license from "1 month trial" to "Free Registered License", but it doesn't helps.


      Last week, I was able to create up to 3 VMs, now I removed 2 of then but I'm unable to re-create them with same *.vmdk/*.ovf files.


      I'm new to ESXi, so I don't know much if there is logs to analyze this issue.


      Could you please give me some help ?