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    How to create a VM using ovftool on ESXi host

    yangyang43 Lurker

      I have an ESXi host. And I installed the ovftool in a remote linux host. I want to create VM using ova file which is located in a ftp server. I always get errors when issuing ovftool command. Could somebody please provide the correct command line?


      Issue 1: I have download ova file to ESXI host. Error out when probing the ova file

      [root@sftp ~]# ovftool https://10.245.x.x/folder/test/lnvgy_sw_lxca_64-2.4.0_vmware_x86-64.ova?dcPath=ha%252ddatacenter&dsName=ThinkAgileTestUtility                 [5] 30009

      [root@sftp ~]# Enter login information for source

      Username: root

      -bash: root: command not found


      Issue 2:

      [root@sftp ~]# ovftool -ds=ThinkAgileTestUtility --network=VM Network https://10.245.x.x/folder/test/lnvgy_sw_lxca_64-2.4.0_vmware_x86-64.ova?dcPath=ha%252ddatacenter&dsName=ThinkAgileTestUtility vi://root:password@10.245.x.x:443/

      [5] 29988

      -bash: vi://root@10.245.x.x:443/: No such file or directory