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    Version 4.10.0 not working on ipad

    Parkerjq Lurker

      user name and password put in correctly as soon as it tries to connect I get   The session was disconnected. Lost connection to server. Does anybody know a fix to this. When I called support they said I needed  a license to report problems.

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          thesuffering Lurker

          You'll need to roll back to the 4.9 .ipa.  4.10.0 disables TLS 1.0 which is whats causing the issue.


          Problem is, there is no easy way to roll back unless you have the .ipa file for the older version since you cant do it via the app store.  See the other thread about this.  If you happen to come across the 4.9 .ipa let us know because several people are in need of it.

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            Parkerjq Lurker

            thanks for the info  the ipads have never been plugged up to computers so i doubt i would have the 4.9 ipa

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              BenFB Expert

              Which version of Horizon and the Horizon Agent are you running?

              • Horizon 7 uses only TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2.
              • Horizon 6.2.1 and newer use TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2.


              If you have Horizon Agent 6.2 or older can you do an upgrade until the new environment is ready?

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                CLynham Novice

                Is 4.10 only compatible with 6.2 and above?


                We're on Horizon 5.3 and experiencing the same issue. There's some reference to TLS 1.1 in this 5.2 document?



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                  Eternal1 Lurker

                  I've been working with VMware but the official response is that you'll need to upgrade View and your agents to maintain mobile access or to rollback to client 4.9 (if you have the capability).


                  I've followed the instructions on enabling TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in the 6.0.2 environment but it sounds like Client 4.10 is just not compatible anymore.


                  Personally i'll be rushing an upgrade to 6.2 this week/weekend to satisfy our mobile clients. 

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                    BenFB Expert

                    It's technically only supported with the latest maintenance release of Horizon 6.2.x (6.2.1 is the minimum requirement where TLS 1.0 is disabled). You will find this in the release notes for every Horizon Client release.

                    • Horizon Client for Windows is supported with the latest maintenance release of Horizon 6 version 6.2.x and later.


                    Horizon Client 4.4 which was released on 16 March 2017 and is the last version that listed support for 5.3.x.

                    • Horizon Client for iOS is supported with the latest maintenance release of View 5.3.x and later releases.


                    Horizon View 5.x went end of general support on 2016/09/14, end of technical guidance on 2018/09/14 and end of availability on 2013/09/30 for View Enterprise. There is no expectation that future Horizon Clients will continue to support 5.x and I would urgently advise upgrading to 7.x given that Horizon View 6.x goes end of general support in less than 6 months (2019/06/19).



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                      thesuffering Lurker

                      I was just able to roll back to 4.9. It was a bit of a process, and I believe it must be done per Apple ID so that it authenticates against your Apple account. Here is what I did (using a mixture of Windows and Mac, but I believe you can find similar apps in Windows).  Keep in mind if you have a newer version of iTunes installed you must uninstall it first or it will not let you install the appropriate iTunes version.




                      In Windows:


                      Install iTunes 12.6 ( https://www.filepuma.com/download/itunes_64bit_12.6.0-14595/ )


                      Sign in your Apple ID


                      Install Charles Proxy 3.11.5 ( https://www.filepuma.com/download/charles_64bit_3.11.5-11801/ )


                      Follow this tutorial on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu8LbniBhIc&t=261s


                      Now, whats not mentioned in the youtube tutorial is you need Charles to install charles root certificate , follow these instructions:  https://www.charlesproxy.com/documentation/using-charles/ssl-certificates/


                      Follow the rest of the tutorial and after you edit the file with the correct version id, iTunes will download the 4.9 .ipa file and place it in your apps folder.


                      The .ipa is saved at C:\Documents and Settings\ +user name+ \My Documents\My Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications


                      I copied the .ipa to a flash drive and then went to the Mac.




                      In Mac:


                      I used an application called iMazing, it was free and is able to sideload apps.


                      Open iMazing


                      Sign into your Apple account


                      Plug in phone/ipad via cable to computer


                      Click Manage Apps


                      On the right side of the app towards the bottom there is a down arrow icon next to the greyed out install to device, click that and select import .IPA to library


                      Now you should have the Horizon 4.9 app in the Library section. Make sure you select the 4.9 option (I had 4.9 and 4.10 to chose from)


                      With Horizon 4.9 highlighted, click the now un-greyed Install to Device button




                      After this, I had the app on my phone. Tested it out and sure enough, its the 4.9 version and IT WORKS!!!! I can once again connect to my work VM. Let me know if you need any help and Ill try to help as much as I can.

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                        Jon Holloway Expert
                        VMware Employees

                        There is a per-device workaround that allows Horizon Client for iOS 4.10 to continue working with TLS 1.0:

                        • Create a new file named config.txt
                        • Add a new line to this file:

                        TLSv10 = enable

                        • Connect the iOS device to a computer that has iTunes installed
                        • Open iTunes and select File Sharing on connected device
                        • Select Horizon in Apps
                        • Click Add… button to add config.txt into Horizon App
                        • Relaunch Horizon App



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                          Travazono Lurker

                          Thank you Jon, this worked!!


                          Another way to get the config.txt file on your phone without having to use itunes it to email the file to yourself and use the Save to Files option.  Then tap On My iphone, Horizon, then Add.

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                            egantner Lurker

                            Does anyone know if there is a visual indication if the older TLS1.0 was enabled. Or is the only check to just try and connect again to your servers?