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    VROPs - Creating reports for VMs that been down for 60 days or long

    jineshpm Lurker

      We have a requirement for creating a scheduled monthly report for VMs that are been down for 60 days or more. I thought using the Default View "Reclaimable Disk space from Virtual Machines for a significant time" for creating that report would be the best option. But the date filtering option in that View is not giving an option to pick anything older than a specific date.


      There are option to pick Last specif Days" , also has option to relative and absolute dates > not sure which option is optimal for filtering to see my specific view. Date range seems also seems to be a good option but it need both From and To dates. It would have been nice if we could pick only the "To" Date and leave the From Date any thing older than To date,


      Any help on this is highly appreciated.