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    Loads of questions with Airwatch....

    torfxdanthomas Lurker

      Hi All,


      I am having trouble operating our Airwatch environment (using Workspace ONE) to manage our mobile devices and I was wondering if anyone could help as I cannot create a normal support ticket with VMWare for some reason (moreover, I cannot find where to create a ticket!)


      1.  We have a compliance policy that scans devices which have non-whitelisted apps installed on them and this then sends me an email.  I can see which apps are causing the issue from the email but I cannot see this in the Airwatch console.  Can I get eyes on this elsewhere?  Also, how can I tell Airwatch to periodically scan all devices to email me this list of non-compliant devices?


      2.  How do I configure auto-updates of public apps?


      3.  How do I move Organisational groups (child groups) to other groups?


      4.  How do I remove all notifications from devices (mostly Apple devices) when I deploy apps automatically?  It always asks the user to install it, I don't want this to happen.


      5.  Is it possible to remove the AppleID logon on all devices?  This is SUPER annoying as it asks for it all the damn time, especially when an app is installed!  I just want it to install with no additional interaction from the user.


      As you can tell, I am struggling with this at best, so any help is much appreciated.