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    vSAN All-Flash - Happy with performance?

    rickolson2018 Lurker

      Hello, greetings and salutations.


      I'm nearing 2 months into my new role, where I've inherited an 8-node VxRail all-flash vSAN cluster (ESXi 6.5, separate vCenter, 10G fiber networking to Cisco Nexus switches).  At the moment it is not in full production, but that will change in 3 weeks (whether we're ready or not).  I've got plenty of VMware experience, and I understand HCI, but this is my first hands on with vSAN so it's been a pretty fun few weeks for me.


      I'm working through a few odd write-latency issues that seem to be reported by vCenter and the vSAN Health Service, but don't appear to be exhibiting any negative impact from the "users standpoint" while we're doing our tests.  Now I realize that each case is different - I've actually got an open case with Dell (who has roped in a VMware engineer) to assist in analyzing the data.


      But I'm curious what users of a vSAN All-Flash array have to say.  Do you like the performance?  Do you have any instances of "good latency"?  Is there such a thing?  Do you ever see 'network latency' on your vSAN VMKernel Adapter (because I can sometimes see 4-6ms network latency when running HCI Bench tests, this on 10G fiber)?  Overall are you happy with what you're seeing out of all-flash vSAN clusters?