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    can't copy an vm from one esxi hypervisor to another

    NeumayerFSS Lurker

      I tried to copy a virtual machine from one esxi hypervisor to another (i shut down the source vm prior to this). after doing so i tried to start the vm on the new hypervisor.  as usually i got the question if i copied or moved to machine. after clicking  the "copied" option, I got an error message that the hypervisor could not find the HDD  '/vmfs/volumes/5bc99a5c-04297743-4306-509a4c929e71/edoosys/edoosys/edoosys-000001.vmdk' or one of it's snapshot files could not be found. Indeed the file 'edoosys-000001-delta.vmdk' was missing. I copied it again to the datastorage, but the hypervisor keeps deleting this file and complaining the the vmdk is incomplete.