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    Dell HBA330 HCL - Health Check Driver Error

    Evan55 Lurker

      Hi All - I have a warning on my Health Check that references a Controller Driver compatibility error


      I believe the error to be wrong as I am running the fully certified driver downloaded directly from the HCL link on VMware website, see below

      I suspect that its just not updated on the Health Check yet. I am running the latest version of the HCL Database downloaded via vCenter


      Does anyone know when this Heath Check Database might be updated as I hate seeing warning errors on my vSAN?


      Some further info:

      Dell HBA330

      Dell R740xd - 6 nodes

      ESXI 6.7 U1 with all patches applied.

      I have confirmed the VID , DID , SVID , SSID are correct for my HBA




      You will see it still recommends the older driver as the driver to use but obvious I would prefer to use the most recent HCL compliant driver.