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        goppi Enthusiast

        I'm facing the same problem.


        I setup a lab environment with ESXi 6.0U3 and VCSA 6.0U3f and CPU load is constantly between 20% and 50%.

        This is a new Installation with one ESXi host and VCSA is the only VM running on that host.

        Killing vmware-vws solves that problem but this is no solution.


        Interestingly CPU load is quite OK after installation until the ESXi server is rebooted for the first time. I know this sounds strange but I verified it by completely starting from the very beginning and installed everything from scratch again. Same result.


        I also verified that restarting VCSA does not cause the problem. It happened after first reboot of ESXI that causes this problem. From this point on nothing helped but deleting and installing VCSA from scratch again. But as already said this only lasts until ESXi is rebooted first time.




        Just for completeness I installed latest VCSA 6.0U1 version, as from what I found in other posts problem begun when upgrading to 6.0U2 or later. My finding indeed support this assumption (see picture no 3). What is noticable is that the spikes on CPU load correlate with the messages in task pane "Acquire CIM ticket..." which you will find every 5 minutes for VCSA 6.0U1 but every minute on VCSA 6.0U1. Maybe this changed interval is the reason why CPU load is much higher on U3.


        Before first ESXi reboot CPU is between 3% and 12%




        After ESXi reboot CPU is between 20% and 50%


        For VCSA 6.0U1 CPU is between 3% and 12% and a spike every 5 minutes


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          DaneTruscott Novice

          Did anyone get to the bottom of this.

          I have just upgraded to V6U3h and the CPU load increased by 20% as describe by others on this post.


          Stopping the "VMware System and Hardware Health Manger" Services Fixes the problem but its not really a fix as such.


          Just want to Add,

          No.1 is when i updated from 6.0.0, 3634793 (vCenter Server 6.0 Update 2) to 6.0.0, 9313458 (vCenter Server 6.0 U3h)

          No2. This is when i stopped the "VMware System and Hardware Health Manager" Service




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            Dave_the_Wave Hot Shot

            I guess the bug is still there in U3h, but I didn't see anyone try U3g?


            Again, the most recent version that does not have this issue is VCS 6.0 U1b, which I am using fine in a production environment.

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              Sysxp Enthusiast

              Wow, this issue is here for some time now, yeah. All the way from 23.03.2015 to Dec 2018! Just ... wow.

              My solution to this back then was simple - we rolledback and lived on 5.5 and it was great, primarily because of the C# vSphere Client.

              Nowadays solution - we moved to ESXi 6.7 with VCSA 6.7.


              Todays VCSA is a resource monster too - it always says "Need more memory" and its daily CPU chart looks like this:


              In my opinion, however, it works more predictable and surely leaves a better feeling overall. (this does not include the installation process )

              The only BIG dissapointment is the complete lack of the fast and bug free C# vSphere Client.


              P.S. (why all of this happens)

              - "Dad, what was the worst thing you know from your life?"

              - "Three billion devices run Java."

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