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    Can we add existing 5.5 ESXi hosts to a new 6.5 vCenter server appliance ?

    SahanVMTN Novice

      Hi all,


      Recently we upgraded our 5.5 vCenter to 6.5 vCenter and the installation got failed. The appliance was deployed successfully. vCenter server appliance looks healthy and all its content seems fine. But, we are unable to login to the vCenter from any browser. We have tried rebooting the VCSA and restart its core services by SSH. But the issue persists.


      We had a three ESXi hosts cluster with a SAN attached to it. We powered off the vCenter 5.5 server VM and took a snapshot backup of it prior to the 6.5 upgrade.


      Now, we only have three ESXi hosts and VMs running on them without a vCenter management.


      Below are the doubts we have:


      Can we power on the 5.5 vCenter server appliance and revert it back to the snapshot which we took prior to the 6.5 upgrade? if so, would it take the IP address back, which was exported to the new 6.5 appliance during the migration process? 


      If not, can we do a fresh installation of 6.5 vCenter server appliance and attach the ESXI hosts to it ? If so, are there any dependencies (vCenter settings, Network settings, ESXi hosts Licensing, vCenter Licensing) we need to be aware of ?