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    Windows 10 32bit UEFI Option Missing?

    ARauschenbach Novice

      Hi All,


      Running vCenter 6.7U1 build 10244857, with ESXi Hosts running 6.0U3 build 10719132.


      When customizing a new Guest VM (using VM version 11), if I select Windows 10 32bit I have no UEFI boot option -- it is missing from the menus completely.


      A little strange because I expect 32bit support for Windows 10 UEFI -- according to this article: Using EFI/UEFI firmware in a VMware Virtual Machine -- "32-bit EFI support added to Windows 8 and newer."


      If I select Windows 8.x 32bit or Windows 7 32bit I get 'EFI in legacy compatibility mode' -- seems to be just Windows 10 32bit that is missing the UEFI option.


      Any ideas? I am planning on upgrading the hosts to 6.7U1 and using VM version 13 or 14 shortly to see if it resolve the issue but thought I would ask here as well in case anyone else has seen this issue.