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    Bug in Build Number 9448190 - No longer asks questions when necessary while starting VMs

    MikeNRI Novice

      I am running vCenter virtual appliance Build Number 9448190 with an external PSC.


      It seems there is a bug where if vCenter needs to ask a question when starting a VM, that it doesn't ask the question.

      Rather it returns an error stating "the object has already been deleted or has not been completely created".


      I have seen this in the past and usually removing the VM from inventory then adding it back in resolves it.

      In this case, it doesn't.


      What i had to do was log on directly to the ESXi host in the cluster that was hosting the VM, and start it using the legacy client.

      The legacy client then prompted with the question asking if the VM was moved or copied, then it started fine.


      Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.