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    Understanding Scripting class and methods in vRO 7.3.1

    GurpreetKaurBaabar Lurker

      Hi Guys,


      I'm struggling with Scripting classes & their corresponding methods and OOTB Workflows and actions in vRO. I want to deeply understand their functionality and usage.

      Can someone guide me from where I can get detailed information about these?

      I'm working on vRO : 7.3.1




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          iiliev Champion
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          I guess you are aware of API Explorer (documentation browser accessible from vRO client Tools > API Explorer menu). It provides a list of available scripting classes/methods.


          There is no comprehensive documentation that explains in details every class/method/property. Most of the scripting classes are coming from vRO plug-ins, so it is up to the plug-in author to provide detailed documentation in this case.


          Same for workflows/actions. You can study their parameters and scripting code inside the vRO client, but there is no documentation with detailed explanation for every workflow/action.


          It's probably best not to try to understand everything at once. Start with the basic stuff, try to implement some simple workflows/actions for some simple use cases. When stuck, google or ask here in the community. In time, you'll become better and better.

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            GurpreetKaurBaabar Lurker

            Hi Llian,


            Thanks for your response.


            As a beginner I face below issues :

            1.  In API explorer, detailed information of everything is not mentioned.

            2. It's a very tedious task to choose a correct scripting class or action to complete something.

            3. API Explorer definitely tells what type of info it is expecting, but what exactly needs to be passed that makes it work is very difficult analyse.


            OOTB stuff is great, but we always require some customization to it, so as to fulfill our use cases, that too with shortest and fastest possible way.


            I will be very grateful, if I can be guided towards first starting point, from where I can start understanding these complex classes.