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    How to deploy multiple instances sequentially?

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      I am trying to find a way to deploy each instance on a multiple instance deployment sequentially. What I have noticed is when I choose more than one instance on a request, each instance is processed at the same time. So, if I choose 12 instances and the blueprint is using a clone workflow, then 12 clones will fire off at once from the same template. This can hammer the datastore. I would like to find away to make each instance deploy one at a time. I have not been able to find a custom property for this.


      So far my workaround has been to drag multiple machines onto the blueprint canvas and then make them dependent on each other. This forces the machines to deploy one at a time. However, dragging 12 machines onto a blueprint and then editing the custom properties on each one is very tedious and time consuming. There is no way to copy and paste a machine with all it's properties on the canvas. It would be much easier to have one machine on the blueprint, but deploy multiple instances.


      Any help on this would be appreciated.