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    Fusion 11 Split Screen on Mojave working - but has some issues

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      I accidentally stumbled across split screen support in Fusion 11 (I'm on Mojave 10.14.0).  I was able to open Safari up in a split view on one monitor while I had a Windows 10 VM in fullscreen mode across all 3 monitors I have.  This was a nice surprise and really handy at times when I want most of the screen real estate for a VM but need something else open and accessible on the Mac while doing so.


      Once I found this I had a bit of a play with it to see what I could and couldn't do.  Sometimes I found that I couldn't split the screen again after leaving split screen mode.  Leaving full screen mode and then going back in sometimes made it work again.  I've found that split screen only works on some monitors too (I'm currently typing this in a Safari window on the right-most monitor and this is the only one that I'm allowed to split, but at one stage I could split two of the three monitors - left and middle, but not the right).


      The behaviour is a bit unpredictable, but great when it works. 


      Is there any documentation or tips on what is supported and/or how to use this feature? 






      P.S.  In ideal world I'd like to be able to split view a second VM (while another VM has most of the 3 monitors) or be able to limit a full screen VM to a subset of monitors (e.g. one VM full screen on two monitors, while another VM is windowed or full screen on a third monitor).

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          I cannot get split screen to work within Mojave at all. I have not tried with an external monitor as my macbook pro is primarily mobile and my only apple machine. Just wanted to throw my two cents in. It would be really nice to have this feature as it works in Windows without issue. I find it frustrating that the wide majority of applications in Windows can utilize split windows with a resizable frame when Mac OS X can only support a limited range, VMWare being a glaring omission.

          Or I'm totally wrong and any of you are free to shut me up. I am a novice mac user.