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    Issues with NSX-T deployment

    Rob80 Novice

      Hi All,


      I have an issue with NSX-T deployment where I can't seem establish tcp connection after deploying transport host node and command # esxcli network ip connection list | grep 1234 returns with no connection.

      Basically my physical nic's are intel x540-t2 running Enhanced Datapath with newest drivers installed. I have deployed 2 controllers and add them to the cluster, following by joining successfully to NSX manager. Further I added static IP routes, create Host uplink with with load balancing and assigned two x540-t2 pnics, and create static IP pool with 2 transport zones for overlay and vlan network with Enhanced datapath enabled. Host and Vcenter are successfully joined NSX-T manager.

      So when I am trying to create host transport node (for Overlay traffic) it all completes successfully, host connection showing all green and "up" but once I type "esxcli network ip connection list | grep 1234" on host CLI it returns without any established connections however according manuals it should. Connection with 1235 is all established.

      Therefore I wonder if anyone come across this situation and can suggest steps forward in rectifying persisting issue.